Parents and Families

Parents and Families

We all live such busy lives these days. There are so many demands on our time and so many different theories on bringing up children it's difficult to know if you've got it right or not. Functional Fluency and TIFF can help develop the skills needed for parenting.

Who will benefit from Functional Fluency?

  • Parents and relatives
  • Foster carers and adopting parents
  • Children's Centre staff
  • Parent Forum Members
  • Family Learning Tutors
  • Parent Support Advisors

What benefits can be gained?

From helping others, you'll learn:

  • How to build rewarding positive relationships with your children.
  • How to manage your children's behaviour to reduce conflict and improve morale.
  • How to give warmth and affection with clear expectations and firm boundaries.

For helping yourself, you'll gain:

  • Increased self confidence and esteem in the parenting role.
  • Understanding about what makes for effective parenting.
  • Extra enjoyment being with your children.
  • Satisfaction from being an individual in your own right as well as part of a family unit..

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