Enhancing the Effectiveness of Academic Support for Students

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Academic Support for Students

Helene Wagner of the University of Toronto, with her team of authors, has succeeded in getting important articles published in the online academic journal called FACETS.

The articles present her "Graduate Advising" programme for enhancing the effectiveness of academic support for students, including how to:Graduates Celebrate

  • Provide feedback that builds competence and confidence
  • Promote significant learning
  • Help overcome barriers
  • Build trust in own skills
  • Keep students motivated


"Graduate Advising"  uses models from several sources and includes Transcational Analysis, and Functional Fluency in particular.  

The "Graduate Advising" principles can be used in contexts other than higher education - anywhere where the leaders need to motivate, reassure and inspire others to grow, learn and succeed. It is about making the relationships work effectively and bring mutual satisfaction; a wonderful showcasing of the use of Functional Fluency and how it fits with other models.

Links to the published articles

1. Part One -  "How to share the process of graduate advising

                          The Supplementary Materials with worksheets can be downloaded

2. Part Two - "How to communicate effectively in graduate advising

                         Supplementary Materials with worksheets can be downloaded 

Helene Wagner will be presenting her work at the Transactional Analysis World Conference in Berlin in July 2017.


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