Educators and Teachers

Those who work in education often have to deal with very different types of people - colleagues, parents, school governors, government regulatory bodies not to mention the learners. This calls for many different skill sets. Functional Fluency enhances these skills to maximise educators' effectiveness.

Who will benefit from Functional Fluency?

  • Teachers, tutors and learning assistants
  • Teacher training providers
  • Consultants and advisors in education
  • Managers in the education system

What benefits can be gained?

For helping others, you'll learn:

  • The realisation of potential for both staff and students.
  • Ways to boost morale and foster an environment of hope and courage to succeed.
  • Empowering leadership and increased classroom effectiveness.
  • Mutual understanding and creative collaboration in team working.

For yourself:

  • A framework for reflecting on and enhancing professional practice.
  • Assistance in everyday stress management and balancing of energy.
  • Skills of leadership and cooperation that enhance mutually beneficial working relationships.

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