People in Civil Society Organisations

People in Civic Society Organisations

People who work in third sector and voluntary organisations often work in very difficult environments. Juggling the needs of your clients with the financial restraints experienced by most of these organisations can be very stressful. Functional Fluency helps you manage the stresses brought on by trying to help those you are caring for as well as taking care of yourself.

Who will benefit from Functional Fluency?

  • Organisation and project managers
  • Team members
  • Client groups
  • Volunteers

What benefits can be gained?

For the organisation:

  • Effective leadership that balances guiding and directing with responding to people's needs.
  • Rewarding and mutually beneficial working relationships through optimising individual and team strengths.
  • Increased motivation, commitment and productivity through effective communication, relationships and stress management.
  • Sharing of Functional Fluency concepts and know-how with others: your own workforce - paid and voluntary, and client groups you work with.

For yourself:

  • Increase of your own Functional Fluency to give you the self awareness and confidence to lead even more effectively.
  • Enhancement of 'enjoyment in employment' from increased morale and reduced stress in the workplace.
  • Ways to become more objective, skilful and relaxed when managing people.

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