Being a carer, whether for family or in your profession, is emotionally demanding. Those involved in caring for others need to cultivate particular skills in order to help those they are caring for and take care of themselves. Functional Fluency and TIFF can help develop these skills as part of supervision or in initial and in-service training.

Who will benefit from Functional Fluency?

  • People who work in statutory or private residential care settings
  • Carers at home

What benefits can be gained?

For helping others, you'll learn:

  • Increased understanding about how your efforts affect your clients or relatives.
  • More ways to understand and respond effectively to your clients' needs.
  • Skills for understanding your colleagues and working better together.
  • Practical support for reflecting on and enhancing professional practice.

For helping yourself you'll gain:

  • Assistance in everyday stress management and help for balancing energy.
  • A framework for how to care for others without becoming worn out.
  • Ideas for how to enjoy being an individual in your own right.
  • Help in learning how to articulate your own needs.

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Read more about using TIFF with survivors of domestic abuse (PDF)