Improve Productivity by Being in Charge Effectively

Managers with emotional intelligence are needed to face challenges of Brexit and Artificial Intelligence.

Read more | Feb 17, 2018

Supreme Leaders vs Effective Leaders

"Supreme Leaders vs Effective Leaders" - article published in the February 2018 edition of 'Leadership' magazine. (South Africa's award winning business magazine).

Read more | Feb 7, 2018

Fluent Self Newsletter - February 2018

News from TIFF Providers across our Networks, including next dates for training to become a Licensed Provider, and details of a new Transactional Analysis workshop.

Read more | Feb 2, 2018

Google in-house coaches are using TIFF personal development tool

TIFF is a valuable addition to Google's leadership coaching program

Read more | Jan 17, 2018

Follow the Leader

Rodney Weidmann explores the wider range of critical attributes that differentiate a leader from a boss

Read more | Nov 11, 2017


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